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Agnes Pauline Slimming Coffee

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 Agnes Pauline  Coffee is a safe formulation from USA, a kind of fat-burner which converts it into energy. The formulation contains natural ingredient extracts such as Green Tea Extract, Coffee Bean Extract, Guarana Extract, Garcinia Extract, Probiotics, L-Carnitine, Vitamins and Minerals. It is safe for human consumption without side-effects and its important ingredients are recommended to serve today’s new-trend of weight loss! Fast or slow burning of fat in human body and one’s metabolism determines one’s plumpness or slimness. The rate of burning of fat determines one is slim or plump. In reducing the amount of fat creation, the formulation is able to control fat forming, and also prevents sugar from turning into fat. At the same time, it accelerates body fat burning, and converts it into energy for body consumption. While it reduces hunger pang and cuts down on fat sources, it also accelerates getting away of fat in the body. Fundamentally, it reduces fat accumulation thus achieve desired weight loss.

Per Box contains 20 Sachets x 20 gram

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Agnes Pauline

Agnes Pauline is the all pristine, active cellular repair and regeneration of full body aura product. Rejuvenating your 10 youthful years within 28 days Unleashing your best natural, inner glow-Start right from the bottom of your skin. Splendid effects deep into your skin for ultimate moisture and skin tone. Revive deep cell regeration and skin whitening program with us at Agnes Pauline today!!

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